Exact Lunar View from your telescope

3D terrain modeling and visulation

Lunar view from space showing the far side

3D Terrain modeling and visualization

Raster and vector Lunar data with vector geology layer.

Riti’s Lunar Map Pro™ version 3.0
High Resolution GIS Software for $89.95

Ships Only to U.S. and Canada Locations

Walking on the moon is a small step with Lunar Map Pro. It is a complete and comprehensive lunar mapping and 3D terrain modeling software, developed for those amateur astronomers, astronomy students, and lunar observers who wish to deeply explore our nearest celestial object in astounding detail. Designed and built on a Geographic Information System, it provides pin-point navigational accuracy (libration and ephemeris) and offers high-resolution maps to match your telescope view.

With a database of 8,200 + features including landing sites, the complete USGS database domes and the Charles A. Wood Lunar 100, it has the most comprehensive lunar library to date.


  • Emulates the view through your own telescope and eyepieces.
  • Accounted for Libration
  • Creates 3D terrain model and visualization of lunar surface
  • Provides Orthographic view of the lunar globe from anywhere in space.
  • Contains extensive database of nearly 8,200 nearside and farside features
  • Shows real-time lunar phases for any time and date between 1970 AD and 2100 AD.
  • Provides NASA lunar texture map, 3 interactive geology maps and RITI vector map
  • Delivers flip and reverse map view.
  • Measures the distances and sizes of lunar features.
  • Provides real-time ephemeris data for your location such as moonrise, moonset, RA, DEC, Age of Lunation, Illumination %, and more
  • Prints maps or 3D images or export as a JPEG
  • Organizes your image collection and personal notes

Here is what some people have said about Lunar Map Pro™:

August 2004, Sky & Telescope

“WHAT A RELIEF! Improvements continue to pour out of the developers at RITI…incorporates three-dimensional viewing capabilities..”

Praise from Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Absolutely fascinating - how I wish some of my long-gone BAA friends could have lived to see it...
My congratulations!
Best wishes,
Arthur Clarke 28 Jan 2003 "

Peter Argenziano (July 2004) (

“…. I would unequivocally recommend this program to anyone with a serious interest in lunar studies, whether the studies involve visual observation, lunar photography, or just armchair observing.”


To run Lunar Map Pro™ you need:

Operating System

WindowsTM 98, 98 SE, ME, NT, XP


Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, for Resource Browser

CPU Speed

1 GHz (1.5 GHZ for 3D or High-Resolution Geology)


256 MB (512 MB for High-Resolution Geology)

Hard Drive Space:

370 MB

Screen Resolution:

1024 X 768

Screen Color:

At least 16 bit

Graphics Card:

16MB of video RAM minimum

Product support & returns: